31 March 2010

Angel's Flight

8 March 2010

Euclid and his cronies up to mischief.

27 February 2010

Friendly Fires - Paris

18 February 2010

iPhone Killer

15 February 2010

Oxymoron of the day: Legal Graffiti

11 February 2010


8 February 2010

Ode to the end of some things.. and the beginnings of others.

7 February 2010

I'm at a happy point now. :)

22 June 2009


16 June 2009


8 June 2009

Black Diamond

2 June 2009

Where the Sidewalk Ends

All good things must come to an end. My 5 month stint in Edinburgh has come to an end and now I'm back in sunny southern California. The past 5 months could not have been as brilliant as they were had I not met the people that I did or shared the experiences that we had. To you all, I say thank you, keep in touch, and hope to see you all again soon.

Now back to reality...

19 May 2009

La Fontana Magica in Barcelona

I've returned from traveling with lots (thousands) of good photos but it'll be at least a week before I finish editing them. I beg your patience.

23 April 2009

Vaux le Vicomte

I'll be backpacking through Europe until mid-May. I'll resume posting when I return!

21 April 2009

High and Mighty

19 April 2009

Strung Up

17 April 2009

No? I'll get you next time...

15 April 2009

“A believer is a bird in a cage, a freethinker is an eagle parting the clouds with tireless wing”
--Robert Green Ingersoll

Happy Birthday to my brother Peter!
You can see his work over at partialsight.com

13 April 2009

Contemplating the Future

10 April 2009


5 April 2009

Little House on the Prairie

1 April 2009

"Please Mr. Postman look and see / If there's a letter, a letter for me"
--The Beatles

29 March 2009

Gazing pensively at the open expanse before them, two untethered souls embark on journey...

27 March 2009


7 March 2009

Stutter Step

4 March 2009

Public Transportation Etiquette

2 March 2009


27 February 2009

Guinness Brewery

18 February 2009

Road Less Traveled

13 February 2009


10 February 2009


7 February 2009

Stairway of Time

6 February 2009

Meandering Through Life

2 February 2009

Away from my desk; please leave a message.

30 January 2009

Hide and Seek